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Craftsman Works In Clay Dishes

Your work is a self-portrait, only it portrays what is on the inside of you.

Consider it a mirror that only reflects your inner attitudes and beliefs. There once was a building in New York City that was torn down, exposing the brick wall of another old building beside it. The brickwork was pathetic, but had been hidden by the neighboring building for all those years. Now the true workmanship of the bricklayer was exposed for all to see and it was not an impressive sight.

What kind of work do you do when no one is watching? Would you be proud of that work if it was secretly recorded, then broadcast for all to see? Most of us can work at less then our best and get away with it, but we are to be working as unto the Lord, so we can accurately reflect His nature, His character and His likeness.

Our lives and our work are God’s billboard for the gospel.

Is your billboard getting read? Is the message clear? What is that message? Are you sending mixed messages? Make your billboard a neon sign for the character of God. Shine brightly, so others will be attracted to your sign and read about God’s greatness.

For many people, your work and your life is the only billboard that they are ever going to read about God. Make it a positive message.