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Let me make this easy for you…

What you are about to discover on this page, is the most exhaustive Biblically based study course on the topic of sales, marketing and business models ever created. It’s comprehensive (101 topics). It’s deep. And most importantly, it’s proven with a decades long track record of incredible results.

It does not appeal to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes or the pride of life. It does not try to awaken “the giant within” or borrow from Pharaoh’s school and godless gurus who prey upon the naïve. It takes no cue from profane babblers with great swelling words, flattering people for advantage.

It is quite simply the result of nearly 40 years of pursuing God – and His ways, as they pertain to the marketplace. He is quite willing to reveal His ways and wisdom to those who seek Him. But, there’s a price to pay. Success does not come easy. It requires diligent study, hard work and dogged persistence. Watch this short video to see just one example of how deliberately applying Biblical strategies to the sales process, brought amazing results!

Succeed in the marketplace while strengthening your walk with God.

This is a fully integrated approach where faith and works collide to produce remarkable results and where God gets the glory. It is our intention to raise up Godly entrepreneurs and revenue generators who will be intentional about leveraging their spoils to advance God’s kingdom.

We will accomplish this by teaching you how to apply Biblical truth and natural laws to the business process. Just like Solomon, we can learn much by studying the way God does things, how they operate and the systems that make them flourish, despite the obstacles they often encounter. We will use the Bible as our printed textbook for obtaining wisdom and knowledge, and the natural world as God’s illustrated textbook for gaining understanding.

The course materials presented here are largely focused on the revenue generation side of business. I will not be teaching cash flow management, accounting or HR related topics, though I may from time to time invite experts in to speak to those topics. You can watch the modules in any order and at any time you wish. The first section I want to introduce you to is the Business Model track. There are four models for you to learn from. Take a look…

Trees produce a useful product in abundance, year after year, then market, sell and charge for their goods and services, while paying vendors and team members as value is exchanged. Trees have a 99.99% success rate compared to only 4% of business startups. The tree has seven major components and each component exists for a singular purpose: to be fruitful. How the tree succeeds is what every entrepreneur needs to know. Topics covered include;

  1. The Entrepreneur: You are the trunk through which all information and resources flow. Know the condition of your herds and the state of your flocks.
  2. How to Achieve “REACH” With Your Marketing: What the three types of branches (primary, secondary & twigs) reveal about marketing strategy.
  3. Systems for Cash Flow and Resource Distribution: How systems provide efficiency while safeguarding assets and resources from loss.
  4. The Power of Photosynthesis: There are three non-negotiable fundamentals that work together for consistent results in business.
  5. Sales Secrets of the Leaf: Leaves are the part of the tree that produce sugar (cash) which in turn is used to fund growth and pay vendors.
  6. The Incremental Sales Process: How flowers bring customers through an incremental four step process that builds consumer confidence.
  7. Fruitfulness: At the end of the day, the tree exists to bear fruit. Knowing why you are in business and keeping focused on that makes all the difference.
How the rainforest produces abundance from relative scarcity (poor, shallow topsoil) is what every business owner needs to know. Topics include:

  1. Spontaneous Wealth: Seeing what others miss
  2. The Fungus Factor: Converting under-utilized assets into profit
  3. How DESIGN Builds Value: Designing your customer’s experience
  4. Strategic Planning: The 12 step strategic planning process Noah used
  5. Systemize to Maximize: Everything in the rainforest is part of a system
  6. Adaptability: The key to survival in changing times!
  7. Creativity: Unlocking the right side of your brain (the eyes of your heart)
  8. Vision: How to see what God sees for your life and pursue that
  9. Achieve High Productivity: 7 Natural Laws to get control of your time
  10. The Pathogen Problem: Defeating what’s been eating you!
  11. Photosynthesis: How to convert breakthrough ideas into profit
  12. The Strangler Fig Phenomenon: 4 phases of every successful business
  13. The Brazil Nut Effect: Leveraging value to break cash dependency
  14. The Orchid Element: 7 natural laws of flawless marketing
When God created life on Planet Earth, He created it to be self-sustaining, self-replicating with perpetual abundance. The Genesis account of creation reveals the order, logic and wisdom of God for building any enterprise. Here is a glimpse of what you will learn in this class:

  1. Let There Be Light: How light (vision) creates results and continuous improvement
  2. Authority Structures and Guiding Principles: The importance of establishing boundaries
  3. Operating Strategy: Don’t neglect the vegetables while working the orchard.
  4. Management Strategy: Seven critical traits you need in your managers
  5. Revenue Growth: How to successfully fish for business with a rod or with a net
  6. Picking Your Team: What the four classes of living creatures on earth model for us.
  7. The Seven Fold Mandate: What every entrepreneur needs to do (in order) for success
The tabernacle of Moses was an earthly model of a heavenly place that revealed God’s plan of salvation to the Israelites. However, it also serves as an incredible model for life in general and business in particular. There are seven significant items in the tabernacle of Moses that reveal what might be the most important business lessons you will ever learn. Furthermore, it reveals three distinct levels life can be lived on. Most never get past level 1 and settle for the pursuit of the 30 fold increase, never even knowing the second and third levels where is found the 60 and 100 fold return (metaphorically speaking). Here is some of what is covered in this course…

  1. The Threefold Progress: Living life on three levels
  2. Character: The price we pay for the life we desire
  3. Competency: The key to promotion
  4. Seven Spiritual Laws of Advancement: The path much less traveled
  5. Opening The Eyes of Your Understanding: 7 Ways God reveals Himself by the Spirit
  6. God’s Word – The Ultimate Business Manual: Everything you need for life and business
  7. Prayer: Invading the Impossible: Learning to wait on the Lord and hear His voice
  8. Grace Works: How to experience God’s ability working through you
  9. Accessing the Supernatural: When God puts His “super” on your “natural”
  10. Wisdom: The ultimate wealth creator


Marketing Lessons Gleaned From God & Nature
A Smithsonian scientist at their world headquarters for tropical research in the Panama Canal region once explained to me that trees will (if necessary due to drought) drop all of their leaves in order to support the flowers on the tree. She went on to explain that flowers were the marketing agents in the rainforest and that you can never forego marketing and expect to stay in business. What I discovered as I examined God’s rainforest model for marketing was as stunning as it was powerful. Here is some of what is covered:

  1. Make a Powerful Promise: How to attract attention and create excitement without bluster
  2. Offer a Compelling Solution: How right brain communication, carries the day!
  3. Outline Meaningful Benefits: It’s ALWAYS about the customer, not your product!
  4. Establish Impeccable Credibility: How left brain communication satisfies the intellect
  5. Craft an Irresistible Offer: Make it harder to say “no” than “yes” with overwhelming value
  6. Develop a Sense of Urgency: Providing legitimate incentive for taking action
  7. Give a Clarion Call to Action: Make the next step ABUNDANTLY clear
Isaiah prophesied the coming Messiah and revealed seven characteristics of the Messiah that would identify Jesus as the One. When applied to marketing, these seven characteristics create a powerful and effective template for any marketing message. Here is some of what is covered:

  1. Seven Elements of all Marketing: What they are and why you should not ignore them.
  2. Finding Your Target Audience: How your legitimate authority defines your audience
  3. House on Fire: Articulating what matters most.
  4. The Knowledge Transfer: How to release information that gives hope and promises relief
  5. How To Move Folks to Action: Opening the eyes of their heart through “understanding”
  6. Provide Rock Solid Justification: Guiding your prospects in the way of “wisdom”
  7. Ready to Buy – But From Who?: How to differentiate yourself and be noticed
  8. A Cloud of Witnesses: Offering social proof to a skeptical audience


Without Joining The Pack Or Getting Eaten Alive!
How you view prospects, customers, yourself, money, your product, your company, etc will determine how you interact with others. I believe that selling, at its core, is simply the transference of passion. When done with respect and honor, wisdom and knowledge, skill and finesse, sales can be a very rewarding profession as it prepares you to effectively communicate in all spheres of life. Here is some of what is covered:

  1. Systems in Conflict: How the way of the world, is inferior to the Way of the Word.
  2. High Probability Selling: What the parable of the Sower teaches about prospecting
  3. High Efficiency Selling: Not all prospects are created equal (core and key accounts)
  4. Four Cornerstones of Sales Success: Why one or two is not enough!
  5. Seven Laws of Increase: How to set yourself up for success by copying God’s Ways.
  6. Four Levels of Buying Need: Moving prospects along the continuum to relief
  7. Finding R.E.S.T.: How Research, Evaluation, Strategy and Testing bring increase
  8. The Motivational Secrets of the Ten Commandments: How to gain willing cooperation
  9. Tapping Into The Power of Habits: Make them your friend and they will serve you well
While you are mastering your trade, profession or craft, you will undoubtedly make mistakes. However, if you operate by a set of higher (Biblical) principles, your integrity will remain in tact and cover a multitude of errors. It is the application of these principles that creates what I call, the “spirit of the sale”. That intangible substance that creates resistance or acceptance in a selling environment. Here are some of the principles we cover:

  1. Trust – The Highest Form of Human Motivation: 7 Biblical ways to create a climate of trust
  2. The Phileo Factor: How to consciously create an atmosphere of goodwill
  3. Favor With God & Man: How to activate the favor of God in the marketplace
  4. Respect: Bridging the credibility gap
  5. Awaken the Need – Before you Proceed: A 3 step process every convert must go through
  6. Empathy: Comfort their pain; Then reveal their gain
  7. Flow With Your Gift to Get a Lift: The practical application of the nine gifts of the Spirit
  8. Show and Tell to Sell: Wherever possible, demonstrate and model your claims
  9. Be Bold to Win the Gold: How boldness inspires confidence
  10. Relieve Their Bind By Renewing Their Mind: Romans 12:2 applied to sales
  11. Gently Guide, Without Pride: Pressure and manipulation are forms of witchcraft!
  12. Winning The Heart: What the 7 tribes of Canaan teach us about the battle for the heart
There is a proper psychological or naturally logical way to bring a prospect from “hello” to “where do I sign?” Learn that here…

  1. The First Impression: Earn the right to discover their needs
  2. Opening Remarks: What to say when you have 30 seconds to gain interest
  3. Discovery Phase: Moses’ Questioning Strategy for Uncovering Opportunity
  4. Seven Reasons to Question: Asking more questions, closes more sales
  5. Five Kinds of Questions: How to keep the discovery process on track.
  6. The PAIN Index: Helping your prospect admit and face their pain.
  7. Value Proposition: Getting clear on the most important value you provide
  8. Presentation Skills: The role of knowledge, wisdom & understanding
  9. Presentation Strategy: The most detailed sales presentation in the Bible
  10. Communication Strategies of Jesus: How to communicate with impact!
  11. The Negotiation Secrets of the Apostle Paul: 31 win/win strategies
  12. Closing More Sales: Leading your clients to their best outcome
Sales is a very rewarding career, but as anyone in sales knows, it comes with its share of disappointments and adversity. It is in those moments, you must reach for and find the strength, the power, the motivation to press on with a good attitude. How you cultivate personal motivation and a positive attitude is the subject of this track.

  1. Motivation: What you believe about you, your company, product, competition, industry & others
  2. Worship God: Nothing is more empowering than time in God’s presence
  3. Do What You Fear: How facing fears builds confidence
  4. Increase Your Knowledge Base: The more you know, the more certainty you can have
  5. Practice The Right Things: Practice makes permanent, so practice the right things well
  6. Change Your Self Image: You never rise above your image of yourself
  7. Raise Your Expectations: Never settle for the status quo
  8. Build on Small Successes: More people cross home plate on a single than a homerun
  9. Encourage Yourself: Learn how to encourage yourself even if no one else will.
  10. Consider Not: There’s always a long list of reasons not to act. Look for one reason to proceed
  11. Be Fully Persuaded: Let not the double minded person think they will achieve anything of note
  12. Pre Play The Future Reward: How clarity of purpose provides sustaining motivation
  13. Finding Purpose in Your Profession: A divine sense of destiny
  14. Opportunities Are Guarded By Problems: Your gateway to success is wearing a disguise!
  15. Steering Your Course With Well Chosen Words: How to program yourself for success.