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It has been said that quality is never an accident; that it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Quality is a result of inner convictions.

Doing a quality job is an expression of our worship to God, because in doing something well, as unto the Lord, we honor and glorify Him. In fact, there is a church in Europe, constructed in the fifteenth century, with magnificent beams, which could only come from five hundred year old trees.

The builders of the church had an inner conviction about quality and wanted to build a church that would last for many centuries. The beams they needed, however, would only last about five hundred years, so they planted a grove of the very same kind of tree in a forest near the church.

Earlier this century, when the beams needed to be replaced, they found the original architects notes with instructions as to the whereabouts of the trees and sure enough, when they went into the forest, they found them, were able to cut them down and replace the beams.

Quality is something built intentionally. It’s never an accident.